RE-ORG Fundamentals

Introduction to the RE-ORG Method


First Aid to Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis - 2016

The 5th edition of the International Course on First Aid to Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis was hosted by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. in June 2016. A partnership between ICCROM and the Smithsonian, the month-long course focused on developing skills and capacity in cultural heritage professionals in the event of a disaster.


The Value of Heritage

Have you ever thought about the value of your heritage? Whether it is represented by places, objects, customs, values and creative expressions, our heritage defines us. Unfortunately, for Syrians and many other populations, the loss of their heritage is a reality. Protecting culture today is essential for building peace tomorrow.


From Response to Resilience

One month after the Nepal earthquake ICCROM formed an international alliance of partners including ICOMOS-ICORP, ICOM, Smithsonian Institution and Prince Claus Fund to assist the Department of Archaeology and UNESCO Kathmandu office in assessing damage and enhancing its capacity for stabilizing over 600 cultural sites and collections.


A glimpse inside the ICCROM Mora Sample Collection

The Mora Sample Collection is an important archive of historic wall paintings samples and fragments collected from heritage sites from around the world. It is the legacy of two internationally renowned restorers, Paolo and Laura Mora, who collected these materials during technical missions and conservation projects undertaken on behalf of ICCROM between the 1960s and 1980s. The archive today comprises some 1400 wall painting samples from 36 countries.